The Early Years: Jim Thinks The President Gives A Crap That He Likes School

From the “I’m Chevy Chase And You’re Not” Department:

I was the only person named “Jim” who President Ford knew, of course. Now, you may think that the writing of that letter went something like this:

But in fact, apparently I once told my grandmother, “Confidentially, I like school, but don’t tell the other kids or they’ll think I’m queer.” (This was back when “queer” meant “odd”. Quaint, isn’t it?) So I was probably sincere; especially with the part about liking playtime.

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  1. Hey! My momma loved school so much that she signed up for summer school. It wasn’t until she grew up that she realized summer school was supposed to be for the bad students who flunked out during the year. No wonder her summer school teachers liked her so much.



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