Teaser Tuesday Twofer

First, the actual Teaser Tuesday, from the book I’m currently reading — 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami:

“He tried his best to become an invisible observer, staying quiet, keeping the effect of his presence to a minimum, silently waiting for that time to come.  As the days passed, the difference between one day and the next grew fainter.”

And now the bonus Teaser!  Just to let everyone know that part two of Shards is in fact in the works, here are two sentences from the current page I’m working on.  I think it manages to avoid any spoilers for those who have read part one:

“The dog statue itself had become animated, but the old man had smashed it to get at the contents, depriving the carven creature of a body; its jaws opened and closed as if trying to bite or bark, and its one remaining leg scrabbled futilely on the slick floor, causing it to turn in a slow circle. She felt oddly disturbed by this, as if a real animal had been harmed.”

Of course, I can’t say for sure that those two sentences will survive unchanged into the final version (in fact, I can almost guarantee they won’t), but they’re there for now.  I would post the original two sentences that they replaced, but this scene is changing almost completely from the original, so there is no direct comparison.  Perhaps next time!

Thanks to Shannon’s Moments of Introspection for cluing me in to the existence of this meme by posting a couple of sentences from Shards a few weeks ago!

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