Teaser Tuesday 10/1/2013: “The Shadow of Black Wings”

This week I’m still reading The Shadow of Black Wings by James Calbraith, from the BookBub mailing list.  I’m going to bend the rules a little bit this time in that this teaser quote from the book is not from the page I’m actually on, but it was simply too good not to use.  Here goes:

Two centuries had passed since the Venedian named Boym had traveled the length of the old Silk Route, across the great plains of southern Varyaga, the steppes of the Horse Lords and the deserts of Toshara before reaching Ta Du, the capital of the mighty Quin.

The capital of the Mighty Quin? Why, you’ve not seen nothin’ like the Mighty Quinn!

When Quinn the Eskimo gets there, all the pigeon’s gonna run to him! And speaking of running …

The watchmen nodded and stood and clanked out of the inn. Arran watched them go, his expression dark. Cynidece twisted in her chair to observe their departure as well, then turned back to face Blackhawk again, a thin smile on her face. She said: “Speaking of executions—”

“I have not forgotten who and what you are,” Blackhawk told her, “but your crimes were against my half-brother’s regime, and I have larger concerns than you at the moment.”

“Fair enough,” she said. “And I’m sure you’ll understand if I choose not to remain in the city while you sort those concerns out.”

But of course, Cynidece has been popping up in these War of the Ravels teasers for a while (ack, over a year! It will be ready soon, really!), so as you’ve probably figured out, she sticks around. Here’s a useless fact: Cynidece is named after the ruined desert city of Cynidecia, from the old Dungeons & Dragons adventure module The Lost City. Shocker!

Oh, shut up, Iago.

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