Teaser Tuesday 2/11/2014: “Death’s Hand”

This week I’m reading Death’s Hand, by S.M. Reine, in which Buffy and her watcher Giles try to stop Glorificus the hell-goddess from destroying the … oh, wait, sorry, that was Season 5 of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer“. No, in Death’s Hand, the kopis (AKA sword) Elise and her aspis (AKA shield) James are trying to stop a hell-goddess from destroying the world by letting her Armageddon Clock get to midnight. This naturally involves fighting hordes of zombies, demons, ghosts, and at least one necromancer. Apparently no one told them they could just pay 4 mana to remove counters from the Armageddon Clock during anyone’s upkeep.


She must have missed all of Elise’s important organs, but the goddess hadn’t known that before leaving her for dead. Thrown her in a pit of bodies. Forgotten her.

Elise decided to consider herself lucky.

What’s the important lesson to take away from Elise’s survival after hours of being tortured, stabbed, skinned, gnawed on, and tossed into a pit full of bodies? Anyone?

Good advice from the fake Mark Zuckerberg.

Speaking of double-tap, we have this week’s teaser from The War of the Ravels:

“Felling travelers in a hail of arrows before learning who they are and what they want is hardly a usual mode of Rittandic welcome,” Brennendah said.
“This is hardly a usual Rittandic.”

I guess a hail of arrows doesn’t really count as a double tap per se, but, eh, close enough.

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