Teaser Tuesday 6/30/15: “Schooled”

So this week I’m reading Schooled, by Christa Charter, a humorous mystery involving a murder that takes place on what is, apparently, a thinly-veiled version of the Microsoft Xbox campus, where the author used to work in the same capacity that the novel’s heroine, Lexy Cooper, works at the fictitious Xenon corporation.  The only reason I know any of this is that people on Goodreads said so  Such background information is not required for reading the book, but does give the author a certain amount of inside baseball credibility for writing about the video game industry.

“I’m not a pirate schoolgirl manga, but I play one on Goodreads.”

“Have you had lunch yet?” he said, finally.
Lexy examined this question from every angle to determine whether it was a trick. “No?”

Ha! Gotcha, Lexy! The correct answer was “bagel”. Meanwhile, editing continues on Television Man:

Kyle peered at him, then at their surroundings, as if noticing for the first time that they were out in the woods and not in a shopping mall. He checked his wrist compass, the way he’d been doing periodically the whole time, like Dick Tracy wondering why no one ever called him on his watch anymore.

“Siri, where the hell am I?”

Hey! Dick Tracy! Dennis the Vizsla says nice hat.

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