Random Rejection: Innovation

So having finished up Queen of the Tearling, which was about as good as the scathing reviews suggested it would be, though it was just like The Hunger Games insofar as the heroine’s name started with a “K”, and it was just like Game of Thrones insofar as … um … oh! There’s a “red” sorceress in it.

Anyway, I haven’t really gotten started on my next book yet, so I thought I would fire up the random.org to come up with a random rejection from my pile of ancient letters. Although to be honest, that didn’t turn out to be very interesting either.


I really have no idea what material I sent to Innovation, but I would guess, given the list of rejection reasons available for the editor to circle, that it was one of my comic book proposals.  The original “Night Watchman“, perhaps.  “Practice anatomy and figure construction”?  “When inking, pay more attention to textures and vary line weight”?  Mmm, nah.  I did lay out the pages and the panels, but when it came time to make the pictures, my approach was “Hire someone who can actually draw and have them do the artwork”.  How did that work out for me?  Not very well I’m afraid. But at least the work was well thought out and painstakingly conceived!

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