Not A Review Of “X-Men: Apocalypse”

So last week we (meaning I) watched “X-Men: Apocalypse“, the latest of the X-Men movies, at least until “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” comes out. Hmm, I wonder what “Dark Phoenix” will be about …

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Random Rejection: Allied Comics

So remember how I said I never throw away anything?  Check out this little chestnut:

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Teaser Tuesday 2/23/2016: “Wolves of the Northern Rift”

So this week I’m reading Wolves of the Northern Rift, by Jon Messenger.

My dogs and I would like a word with you.

The dogs and I would like a word with you.

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Not A Review Of “Gotham”

So not long ago, I discovered that the first season of “Gotham” is on Netflix.  I discovered this because, unsurprisingly, Netflix put it on my “Recommended” list.


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Random Rejection: Innovation

So having finished up Queen of the Tearling, which was about as good as the scathing reviews suggested it would be, though it was just like The Hunger Games insofar as the heroine’s name started with a “K”, and it was just like Game of Thrones insofar as … um … oh! There’s a “red” sorceress in it.

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