Teaser Tuesday 9/27/2016: “Gardens of the Moon”

So this week (and last week, and the week before), I’ve been reading Gardens of the Moon, AKA book one of the Malazan Book of the Fallen, by Steven Erikson.

Not Rapunzel’s tower.

Now this is one big book, clocking in at around 500 pages, and it’s just about the poster child for Loads and Loads of Characters.  Book One has a massive and intricate plot which appears to revolve around one particular not-so-mythical historical event, which is only becoming clear towards the very end of the book.  It’s therefore not particularly surprising to discover that the series is currently at nine books and counting.  Four thousand pages to go after this book?  Apparently so!

One of the characters in Gardens of the Moon is a tall fellow with long white hair who carries a sword which may or may not be sentient, but which you definitely don’t want to get cut by, because it will drain your soul and imprison it forever in some alternate dimension, where you will spend eternity hauling a gigantic wagon around.  Does that sound like an expy of a particular long-haired albino who carries around a very nasty sword?  Hmm.

“Where are we?”

“The Warren within the Sword. Did not Dragnipur take your life, too?”

“If it had, would I not be chained as well?”

“True enough.”

Yep.  Tru dat!  Of course, now that someone who’s not chained has managed to get inside, perhaps an escape will be staged.  And speaking of escapes, in the scene I’m currently editing over in the world of Television Man, a couple of survivors just managed to make one from a certain fenced-in prison-like area.  Or did they?

The fence sealed itself back up, but he felt something coming out of it, a dribble of energy.  It made him think of boiling an egg with a cracked shell, how the inside would bubble out and congeal in the hot water.

Oh, yeah.  Hot water?  You are still in it, my friend.  You just don’t know it yet.

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