Teaser Tuesday 10/4/2016: “The Lost Fleet – Dauntless”

So this week I’m reading Dauntless, book one of “The Lost Fleet” series, by Jack Campbell.

Is this the Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy?

The premise of Dauntless is that Captain Jack “Black Jack” Geary has been brought out of retirement―a long, long retirement―and breveted to the command of a rag tag fleet comprised of those ships that survived a disastrous engagement with superior enemy forces.


No, not that rag-tag fleet.


Dauntless starts right off with the newly-promoted Captain Geary facing off against the aforementioned enemy fleet, while the clock ticks down on an hourlong ultimatum for his own fleet’s unconditional surrender.  What to do in this situation?

Ah, good plan!  The only problem is, not all the ships can get away before being caught by the enemy.  What to do in this situation?

Right!  Somebody stays behind and unloads their entire arsenal to slow down the enemy.  Any volunteers?  You betcha.

“That was most of her remaining specters, Captain Geary,” Desjani advised. “Repulse’s captain is using everything he’s got to stop the leading Syndic ships.”

Yep, sometimes a ship’s gotta do what a ship’s gotta do.

Meanwhile, the last editing run on Television Man is getting pretty closed to finished, which means it’s getting harder to find teasers in whatever scene I’m currently working on that don’t include spoilers.  But, look, I managed it.

His hands sprouted a glow every time they struck, as if they were meteors heating up on in the atmosphere; his kung fu stylings suddenly seemed much less absurd.  She didn’t want to find out how a hit would feel.

Yep, when that kung fu glow appears, you know you’re in trouble …


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