That Was The Year That Was

So Goodreads has released its end-of-the-year recap of everything I read (or mostly read, or read a few pages of and decided it was crap) in 2016, which always makes for an interesting review.  Interesting to me, maybe.  To you, perhaps, not so much.  But here it is anyway!

Hmm, 17,489 pages sounds like a lot.  But it’s really only like 48 pages a day.  Plus that includes books that I didn’t like and failed to finish, of which there was more than one this year.  (There’s a reason my average book rating this year is barely over 3 stars.)  Interestingly, Goodreads shows the highest-rated book I read this year, but not the lowest-rated one.  I guess they don’t want to be Negative Normans.  (Hint:  It was this one, with this other one not far behind.  Uh, I mean, ahead.  For the record, I hated both of them.)

Here’s to a better average rating in 2017!

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