A Review Of Who Might Or Might Not Make A Good Genie

So recently I was reading an article in Entertainment Weekly about Disney’s upcoming live-action version of Aladdin and, noting that the Genie would be played by one of my wife’s favorite actors, I thought I would see if she had heard about it.

Me: “Hey did you know they’re making a live-action Aladdin?”
Wife: “No.”
Me: “Guess who’s playing the Genie? Robin Williams played him in the original, but he’s dead now.”
Wife: “Robin Williams?”
Me: “He’s dead, so, no.”
Wife: “He made a good Genie.”
Me: “Yes, but he’s dead. Pick someone else.”
Wife: “Is it someone I’m familiar with?”
Me: “Oh yes.”
Wife (horrified): “Not Tony Stark!”
Me: “No, not Tony Stark.”
Wife: “He wouldn’t make a good Genie.”
Me: “Probably not.”
Wife: “Jim Carrey? He would make a good Genie.”
Me: “He would, but he’s a little too old. And possibly too crazy.”
Wife: “Johnny Depp? He would make a good drunk Genie.”
Me: “That’s true, but I don’t think the Genie is drunk.”
Wife: “Ooh! Tyrion! He would make a good Genie.”
Me: “He would. He drinks and he knows things. Do you want a hint?”
Wife: “Okay.”
Me: “‘Oh, hell no!’
Wife: (blank look)
Me: “I could’ve been at a barbecue―
Wife: “Will???
Me: “―but instead here I am, dragging your heavy ass across the desert … Yes, Will Smith.”
Wife (considering): “Okay, he would make a good Genie, too.”

A whole new worrrlllddd

Speaking of Will Smith, the other day, I was watching a trailer for the new MIB movie, “Men In Black: International” when my wife wandered in.

Me: “Hey, check it out, there’s a new Men in Black movie coming out soon.”
Wife: “Is Will Smith in it?”
Me: “Umm … doesn’t look like it.”
Wife: “Then it’s not Men in Black.”

So, missing Will Smith in an iconic role? We can take care of that for you …

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