The Early Years: (Almost) Easter & A Price Drop Announcement

Looking for an inexpensive novel to read while we’re all under orders to stay home as much as possible? I’ve reduced the price to 99 cents on the ebook editions of all the novels that are currently under my control (all of them except Night Watchman*, whose publisher abruptly closed up shop last year — a fact I only learned about when I noticed it had disappeared from the Kindle store).

My books in the Kindle store

If you have an ePub-based reader, such as a Kobo, you can also find my books in the Kobo store and elsewhere. The last time I checked the $0.99 price hadn’t propagated to Kobo and other venues yet, but it should get there before too long. (One might think ebook pricing would propagate at the speed of light, but one would be wrong. Instead it moves at the speed of bureaucracy.) Of course, you could always take the Kindle editions and use a program like Calibre to convert them to ePubs, which also has the benefit of building you a nice local library of all your ebooks. It’s like a bookshelf inside your computer!

Meanwhile, in this time of staying home and maintaining physical distance, here’s some lovely artwork from, oh, maybe 1975 (undated, sadly), which is the closest many of us are likely to come to a chocolate Easter bunny this year:

Don’t you just want to bite his ears off?

Given the, uh, taste profile of most chocolate Easter bunnies, being deprived of them is maybe not that much of a hardship. Some might say that the Peeps factory shutdown is a much bigger issue. I would tend to agree with them, if only because it may cause a temporary shortage in humorous Peeps dioramas.

History shows in bounds and in leaps how Nature points out the folly of Peeps … Godzilla!

Hey, in times like these, we need all the funny pictures we can get.

* This is the second or third time this has happened to one of my books, so I know the routine at this point. The rights to Night Watchman have reverted to me and I’ll be bringing it back into publication once I wrap up work on Father’s Books.

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