Still, Still Not A Review Of “House”

So, yes, we are still watching House. Given the number of episodes available, we’ll probably be watching it until late spring. And although I’ve editorialized about the improbability of House’s minions doing everything around the hospital, up to and including breaking & entering and digging up the buried corpses of deceased pets, I think that we have, at this point, encountered what must be the most unbelievable thing House has ever tried to get past us. Seriously, I mean, I’m always willing to suspend disbelief, but this time they just went too far. Once you see what I’m talking about, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Me: “Where the fuck does this hospital get their patient gowns? And why the fuck doesn’t every hospital source their gowns from there?”

Yeah, when I was in the hospital my gown didn’t look anything like this. My patient gown felt like it was made of some kind of paper, and was constantly in danger of falling open in the back; that patient gown looks like you could wear it to church while cosplaying a monk, on the sidewalk while carrying a sandwichboard advertising the end of the world, or around the house as a bathrobe while working on blog posts in the morning. Although my cat prefers the fuzzy bathrobes, so, maybe not around our house …

Fuzzy cat likes fuzzy robes.

Well, I’m sure if House had originally aired on HBO, the patient gowns would be more accurate. And that I would spend even more time per episode shrieking and hiding my face in my hands.

10 thoughts on “Still, Still Not A Review Of “House”

  1. I’m not a fan of hospital shows. I wish that I were, because it gets harder and harder to find good shows after you’ve watched most of the good ones. However, there is still hope. I’m watching The Recruit made in 2022 and it is excellent. I also watched a good one named Valor on Netflix. I believe The Recruit is on Prime.

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    1. I will check those out! I have a couple more on our list for after “House”, one of which is another hospital show (“This is Going to Hurt”), but that one is British, so maybe it will be a little more circumspect about making me shriek …

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  2. ROFLMAO!!! James you DID notice the GOWNS!
    I was wondering if you would. “HOUSE” is my fave modern medical show….I always wanted a Hospital Gown from wherever they got theirs too!
    At Dr Ben’s he has lovely patterned material owns…which are nice but pointless as he has to inject in shoulders; thigh; hip; knees & Sacro-Iliatic joints…so gown ends up pretty much falling off.
    And those paper gowns are ridiculous; I might as well be nekked! (I’d rather be nekked with a blanket!)
    Thanks for a fun review on “House”. I bet Hugh Laurie would be LOL if he were able to read your reveal 😉
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum & ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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