The Early Years: Jim Likes Animals

These “early years” samples are not really writing-related, but they probably explain a lot about why I spend so much time on Dennis’s crazy adventures.

First, we have a little childhood career-path speculation:


Followed by what my parents like to call “the infamous bobbling mud pit letter”, in which I am evidently concerned that my grandparents aren’t taking proper care of Buffy the dog:


Of course, Buffy was fine when we got home from our seven-week trip.  I’m told that upon arriving back at our house, I ran up, hugged the dog, then took off to find my friends.  Well, you know, one has to have one’s priorities straight, I guess …

6 thoughts on “The Early Years: Jim Likes Animals

  1. Hahha they are SO cute! How cool is it that your parents kept them 🙂 And to show such love for animals at that early of an age…. maybe you should have been a Vet.. nah…I like the writing :))


  2. I wanted to be a vet too, then I found out I wasn’t smart enough to do simple math in my head, so my dreams of ever going to Purdue to become a vet were smashed. I ended up being a dog trainer, now I work from home on the computer doing something that has nothing what-so-ever to do with animals.

    It’s my dream to move out to Wyoming and volunteer at Yellowstone doing almost anything now.


  3. I wanted to be a vet too…and in all honesty, I should have been. A fool of a relation told me I didn’t have the brains, and even more foolishly, I believed her.

    I love your letter, but I can read between the lines James, “Take care of Buffy (OR ELSE!!)” 😀


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