Dragon Stones

Last week’s Scene of the Month post was an excerpt from Dragon Stones, which prompted my friend Almostgotit to plead, “More Dragon Stones, please!”  So after careful consideration, I have decided to give Almostgotit, and anyone else who wants it, more Dragon Stones (which are not to be confused with, say, kidney stones).  In fact, here’s the whole thing:

Dragon Stones

Now of course, this is the PDF version, so (unless you want to print out almost 400 pages) you will have to be sitting at your computer to read it.  Also, it does not include the lovely cover art provided by Roberto Bovo of Red Frog.  But it does have all the good stuff that appears between the art on the front cover and the picture of me on the back cover, which I’m sure no one needs to see.  This PDF is not copy-protected, so you can put it on any device that supports PDF documents, or convert it to a format that will work on your preferred e-book reader, such as the Amazon Kindle.

If you start reading Dragon Stones and decide you can’t live without having it in paperback form, you can pick it up from my storefront over at Lulu, or from Amazon.com and other fine locations.

Enjoy, and don’t forget to vote for your choice for next month’s scene:

I can’t guarantee I’ll post the full text of every selection, but one never knows …

9 thoughts on “Dragon Stones

  1. MUCH better than kidney stones, fer SURE!

    Wow, the whole thing in PDF! I feel so honored! A more recent copyright (2008) than I thought, too… I’d say you are very much an ACTIVE WRITER, and GOOD FOR YOU!!

    Thanks very much. To make the book available electronically is very generous, and generosity in a writer (as in anyone) is always a very attractive thing. I don’t have a Kindle thingie yet but this is a great excuse to get one. Even my MOTHER IN LAW has a Kindle, for gosh sake (while we still heat with wood – ah, how the ancient ways still beguile…)

    I think your book (in the ancient, tree-based form) would make a very good birthday present for my brother next month. He is also, next month, just finishing his MA in computer science and loves sci fi and fantasy almost as much as I do. (AND??!!! HE JUST GOT A **JOB**, TOO!!!) I have been wondering what to get him. Is there any way I could also get you to autograph it?? Facebook me, or something…


  2. Thank you!! I’ve been dying to read this book too. Since I don’t have to buy it now, I would like to donate the total purchase price of the book to a Viszla Rescue instead ($25, I guess). Any suggestions?


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