“Dragon Stones” Now Available On Kindle

The Kindle version of Dragon Stones is now available!   There was a slight delay while I satisfied Amazon.com that I am, in fact, the author of and have electronic rights to Dragon Stones; no doubt this process was tightened up somewhat after the 1984 fiasco, when Amazon allowed a publisher without distribution rights to sell 1984 in the Kindle store, then reached out and deleted it from customer Kindles when the mistake was discovered.  They certainly don’t want a repeat of that; plus I wouldn’t want someone else peddling copies of Dragon Stones to Kindle users, so I guess it’s a protection for both Amazon and authors/publishers.  (But we know who Amazon is REALLY protecting.  Nudge nudge wink wink.)

I’m pretty happy with how Dragon Stones turned out for the Kindle,  so I’ll probably do this with the other books I have electronic rights for.  At the moment that’s just Long Before Dawn (Hard Shell Word Factory, which is in the process of being acquired by Mundania Press, has electronic rights to Night Watchman), but I am working on a reissue of Crows through Lulu.com which will, among other things, have the missing epilogue restored, along with a new cover, and without any missing pages (thanks for reporting that, Mango’s mom!).

Anyway, I’d encourage anyone with an Amazon Kindle to check out Dragon Stones.  As with other Kindle books, you can get a free sample, and text-to-speech is enabled because unlike some publishers, I don’t mind if you want to have your Kindle read to you in the car. The more opportunities for reading the better, I say.

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7 thoughts on ““Dragon Stones” Now Available On Kindle

  1. Amazon Kindle is a sore point with me: I thought “Ah-ha – a perfect format for my Hamster Britain stories. So I began filling in all the forms – only to discover that I needed a U.S bank account in order to get paid. Well I don’t have a U.S bank account, and I’m unlikely to gain one anytime this lifetime. So to the say that the air turned blue in Tooty Towers would be an understatement. Haven’t they heard of Paypal?
    Gripe over. I wish you success with the format: Thay say that it’s the future.



  2. I have not thought about getting a kindle yet, the people I know who have them love them. I personally love having books, books, lots of them. I suppose if I traveled more it would be great to take along several books without all that weight.


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