This is a “Sorry I Haven’t Been Around Much” post … or rather, I have been around, but I haven’t been here. I’m still trying to get my next fantasy novel out before they forget about me over in the UK. Why, after spending over three years doing mostly funny Dennis stories instead of fiction, am I suddenly so motivated to finish my book? Because of this:

Dragon Stones Reclaims The #1 Spot On The Epic Fantasy Chart

Having Dragon Stones in the #2 spot was what finally got me off my duff to finish Shards, but for the past week or so C.S. Marks, Raymond E. Feist, and I have all been jockeying for #1. At the moment T’Sian the Dragon is up there, but eventually someone else will take it. Here’s hoping it’s me again. (No offense, T’Sian — love ya!)

I have been making progress — I’m nearly finished with the first edit of the first book of Shards. (As it’s over 200,000 words long, I am splitting it into two books.) In another month or two I hope to have it available on Kindle in the US and the UK. Don’t worry, there won’t be a huge “A Song of Ice and Fire” style years-long wait in between them; the entire thing is finished, just not fully revised yet.

Watch this space for updates! And, if you’re in the mood to do a little shopping:

My UK Kindle Store
My US Kindle Store

11 thoughts on “One

  1. I bought it for the kindle, have started it a few times, but to the tell the truth you scare the beejeesus out of me. Congrats! and we do miss you and Dennis around, but the “real” world calls from time-to-time! take care, d.


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