Teaser Tuesday 8/27/13: “Black Onyx”

This week’s free book is Black Onyx (A Superhero Thriller), by Victor Methos. Evidently this involves a relic from a lost civilization, which appears to be a suit of super-powered armor, but I haven’t yet gotten to the point where the armor has actually been found, so I’m sort of guessing. But given that the book description calls it the “Black Onyx” suit, reveals that there are more than one of it lying around under the Antarctic ice, and gives away quite a bit of the villain’s activities in his attempt to get one of the suits for himself, it seems like a pretty good guess.

“I’m not a young man, Dillon. Our priorities are completely different. Now I have enough to perhaps, perhaps, get me through my twilight years without having to work but it’s not certain by any means. My nightmare, what keeps me up at night, is imagining that I’m eighty years old and having to live on the four hundred dollars a month the Social Security Administration is going to pay me, if they still exist then.”

Yikes! Not even super-powered armor is going to be sufficient to take on the Social Security Administration! Besides, as the ancient civilization in question was located in Antarctica, the suits were probably only intended for dealing with Shoggoths and Elder Things, not with Federal bureaucracies.

Meanwhile, editing proceeds on The War of the Ravels, which I’m probably going to leave with that title after all. Or maybe not. I’ll figure that out after I’m done editing it.

Shivering, he rolled onto his back. The atmosphere felt close and clammy, and had the rank, stale smell of a shore where the water had retreated and left behind clumps of grey, drying seaweed riddled with dead fish.

Otherwise known as “the shore of Lake Erie in the 1970s” …

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