Teaser Tuesday 9/10/2013: “Deadland”

This week’s free book is Deadland: Untold Stories of Alice in Deadland, by Mainak Dhar, in which, apparently, Alice follows an undead rabbit (or something like that) down a hole and becomes a zombie-slaying machine. If this reminds you of American McGee’s “Alice”, you’re not alone.

Alice and the Cheshire Cat would like a word with you.

Anyway, on to the teaser! Normally this consists of two sentences, but as this sentence is so long I decided just to use the one this time.

Their home for the last three years had been a small village just a few kilometers from an Indian army base where Gladwell and his family had taken refuge after The Rising, along with some staff and Marines from the US Embassy and a contingent of Indian Army soldiers and their families led by Gladwell’s friend, Brigadier Randhawa.

Hmm, Gladwell and the Brigadier?

“When I wrote ‘The Tipping Point’, I wasn’t thinking of zombies destroying society.”

“Well, apparently you should have been.”
Now we just need The Doctor, and everything will be put right.

“… and once I plug in the Sonic Screwdriver, all the zombies will spontaneously explode. I suggest you put on your Wellies.”

Meanwhile, editing continues on part two of Shards, AKA The War of the Ravels Or Whatever I’m Going To Call It.

Behind the throne … yes, there was a curtained doorway there, partially blocked by the straps that kept the absurdly top-heavy hawk’s head relief from tipping over and crushing whatever august personage currently sat the throne. No one ever went that way; why would they pick their way through the web of cables to get at a hall of forgotten statues, a dead-end corridor, and stairs down to the …

Oh. Yes. That.

“Take a squad to the crypt,” he told the guard. “Be careful. Watch for the astrologer.”

“But, sir, if the witch is in the drain—”

“It is not the witch who worries me,” Arran Blackhawk said.

Ah, yes, the Witch in the Drain — possibly related to, but not to be confused with, the Witch in the Ditch.

4 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday 9/10/2013: “Deadland”

    1. I was puzzled about the giveaway until I went back and re-read my post. Sorry for the confusion, Lemon123 — it’s not a free book I’m giving away, it’s a book I got for free from the BookBub mailing list (http://home.bookbub.com/landers/index2.php?source=gakn356&gclid=CIuJ3oKBwbkCFYZ_QgodD3EADQ), which lists Kindle books that are being temporarily offered at a discount or for free. Although “Alice in Deadland” is back to its original Kindle price of $2.99, it is available for lending to Prime members for free, and can also be lent once to other people. So, Lemon123, watch your email — I lent the book to you. 🙂


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