Teaser Tuesday 2/2/2016: “Three Men Out”

So this week, in addition to Boneshaker, I’m reading Eight Three Men Out, by Rex Stout, a trio of Nero Wolfe novellas, in which Wolfe does not travel to Montenegro.  Ah, things are back to normal …


Candygram for Mongo

The neat little man resented it.  He was hurt.  “No, sir,” he protested, “you are wrong.”

Hmm, where else have we heard a neat little man protesting like that?


Oh right.  It’s that word that doesn’t mean what you think it means.  But sometimes you just have to say it, or something a little stronger, as Myra just found out in Television Man

Myra said:  “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me.”

Collins grinned and brought the microphone back to his own mouth.  “Now, now …”  He peered at a name tag, which had mysteriously appeared on her chest, as if he had never seen her before and had no idea who she was.  “Now Myra, there’s no call for that kind of language.  This is a family show.”  He turned to his goblin audience.  “Am I right?  All you kids out there, don’t have a potty mouth like Myra!”



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