Neither A Review Of “Sherlock” nor “Shetland”

Because “Game of Thrones” is only available on disc from Netflix, the arrival of new episodes is subject to the vagaries of timing and the postal service, which means that there are occasions when no “GoT” is available. I’ve tried to fill those gaps with streaming series, without much success so far.

One show I’ve tried is “Sherlock”, starring Doctor Strange and Bilbo Baggins.

Are we done here? Because we both have Marvel movies to make.

I kind of like this show, but my wife didn’t really get into it.

Wife: “Who’s that kid?”
Me: “That’s Sherlock Holmes.”
Wife: “He looks really young. Who’s that little guy?”
Me: “That’s his sidekick Dr. Watson.”
Wife: “Which one grows the orchids?”
Me: “That’s Nero Wolfe.”

Another show I tried was “Shetland”, which we didn’t get very far into before a new “GoT” disc arrived.

Wife: “What’s this?”
Me: “This is a show called ‘Shetland’. It’s another British mystery.”
Wife: “Are there ponies?”
Me: “I don’t know. I heard there were border collies, though.”
Wife: “Wake me up when the ponies or the border collies show up.”

The version of “Shetland” that my wife would like to see

No doubt we’ll come back to one or both of these at some point, but for now, we’ve got plenty of “GoT” to get through. Hey look, a wedding! That should be a nice change of pace from all the death and brutality.

Later …

Wife (who is aware that I have read the GoT books): “You knew that was going to happen, didn’t you?”
Me: “Wellll …”

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