The Early Years: Jim Is Class Spokesman

From the “Blatant Lies” department:


Coded message translation: “My captors forced me to write this. Send help.”


Well, sure, we probably all liked playtime … I mean, who doesn’t like playtime? But I do have it on good authority (i.e., from Nana) that as a little kid I once told her, “Confidentially, I like school, but don’t tell the other kids or they’ll think I’m weird.” Because of course Nana was always one to go to the elementary school and rat us out to our schoolmates, so one had to be careful to remind her not to. 😐

Anyway, I’m sure President Ford was pleased to know that school was nice and fun. I doubt much of the other paperwork he dealt with said anything remotely like that.

3 thoughts on “The Early Years: Jim Is Class Spokesman

  1. Fantastic James!! I love your letter to President Bush. I bet he never stopped smiling when he read it!
    I actually loved school. In Kindergarten I loved to fingerpaint. So when I went into Grade 1 I was devastated we could no longer finger paint….funny eh?? Then I started to read & I was like a sponge; reading & soaking up ideas & words….IN Grade 7 I was reading Ayn Rand & scaring the Teachers, lol…
    Altho’ my grades were somewhat sketchy in High School I LOVED going to school: Theatre Arts; English; Track & Field….to name a few….I finished at 17 & did not go back til I was 34 & then went to College…straight “A” student! I could be a professional student the rest of my Life.
    So my secret is now out: I LOVED SCHOOL!!!
    Sherri-Ellen 🙂


  2. That’s such a cute note! I bet that’s 99.9% nicer than any of the other letters presidents would have penned to them.
    Naughty Nana, always telling your top secret secrets to the kids at school! Confidentially, I used to love school work. Not school itself or the kids as they were mean, but the work and homework. That’s right, I used to like homework. Shhh!


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