Spamcommentology: Matchmaker Matchmaker

So this week, in addition to the usual sorts of spam, I got one that reads like a sort of mail-order bride ad. Wait, are mail-order bride ads still a thing?* Would it be an international dating site ad now? Well anyway, whatever it is, it’s quite obviously fake, and spam.

I mean, I can’t blame her for wanting to get out of Russia right now, but I’m not entirely sure what our friend Vika is looking for. Possibly a djinn, if she wants to wish a good man.


But it sounds like she might also be looking for a sweet and tender lady.

Well, it’s good to keep your options open I guess. It’s also good to, as Vika says, think; and it’s also good to put your punctuation in the right place.

Just don’t email the spammers.

* Were they ever a thing?

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