The Early Years: Jim Still Can’t Draw, And Apparently Would Also Be The First One To Die In A Shipwreck Involving Zombies

I’ve been doing a lot of “Not a Review” and “Teaser Tuesday” posts lately, and have been neglecting the giant pile of ancient schoolwork that my folks exhumed from their house some years back and passed along to me. Well, this week, I wish to put that right.

See what I did there?

This appears to have been an assignment where we had to enumerate three wishes we would like to make and draw pictures of them. As per usual with my pictures, you can kinda tell what I was going for. But it helps that are accompanying descriptions.

Somebody moving really fast? Somebody, uh, on fire in the water? Somebody driving a car into a giant donut?

Yeah so I guess the first drawing is sort of like the effect of “The Flash” when he’s running at top speed. Or, you know, when four of you dress up as him for a party and need to figure out how not to embarrass yourselves:

The best joke in the entire run of The Big Bang Theory

So what would you wish for if you had one chance? If you’re B.o.B. you wish for an airplane:

I have this song on my phone, but only because Hayley Williams sings on it.

I, apparently, wished to have some recreational equipment buried under my house:

Can’t swim, can’t run very fast … Definitely zombie chow.

Presumably I wanted an underground swimming pool because I saw one on television and thought it was cool. I mean, we did have an above-ground pool for a while, but in central New York, for a good chunk of the year, you have to be into polar bear dips if you want to swim outside. (I can only imagine what kind of heater it would have taken to have kept the pool from turning into a giant ice puck over the winter, let alone keeping it warm enough to swim in.)

Anyway I can of course swim much more good better now, but I’m probably still not particularly fast. Plus when I run it makes the tops of my feet hurt. But hey, I do use the rowing machine three times a week, so I got that going for me when the zombies show up.

Cardio, yo.

Oh I almost forgot the back cover of this little project, where, instead of even attempting to draw something, I apparently went all abstract.

I have no idea who is saying “That’s all!” in this picture.

Yep, like the picture says: That’s all, folks!

5 thoughts on “The Early Years: Jim Still Can’t Draw, And Apparently Would Also Be The First One To Die In A Shipwreck Involving Zombies

  1. Oh James these drawings & your wish List are so sweet!!!
    I think you Wish List was very good. At that age I wanted to fly like Superman (George Reeves the original).And I remember I wanted a HORSE; not a PONY! It had to be a olden Palomino Horse. LOL 🙂
    I remember I loved to finger paint when I was in Kindergarten & I loved to paint with a paintbrush when I was a bit older. My favorite piece was an open wheat field with blue sky….it was very Van Gogh….hahaha!
    Sadly I have nothing of my childhood drawings & writings. I hope you have more to share! This was alot of fun!
    (((hugs))) Sherri-Ellen aka BellaSita Mum an ***purrss*** BellaDharma

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