The Early Years: Ho. Ho. Ho. Jim Can’t Draw, Yo.

Oh look! My name, it’s wearing little Christmas hats!

Apparently the only hat that I planned ahead of time was the one on the “m”.

Fun fact: Our log home in New York had a fireplace with a hugely tall brick chimney not unlike the one in the cozy hearth picture below. Except, you know, not quite so crooked.

I’m pretty sure none of this is to code.

Uncle Bob must not be very popular, to have had his picture hung 30 feet in the air where no one can see it. Unless maybe that Christmas tree is only two feet tall (which, judging by its size relative to the nearby chair, is possible, I guess). Speaking of the Christmas tree, it looks like this year’s toys include a … boat? And a ball? And then several boxes with spearheads sticking out of them*. Don’t open until you have bandages handy!

I have no idea what that yellow and blue piece of furniture off to the left is supposed to be. Maybe a wine rack? It does seem to be full of round things. Well, we could all use a drink after the Dumpster fire that was 2022, couldn’t we? Hang on, I’ll get the glasses … Happy New Year!

* I realize those are probably supposed to be nametags, but they sure do look pointy, don’t they?

9 thoughts on “The Early Years: Ho. Ho. Ho. Jim Can’t Draw, Yo.

  1. It’s fun seeing your drawings from your youth. I wish my parents had saved some of my things. It would be interesting to look back at them.

    That yellow and blue thing looks like a couch to me. The round things on the blue part are probably buttons for what is called a “button back” style of upholstery.

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  2. Oh James I love your artwork!!! So cute!!
    Funny how as children we had no sense of space or size!!
    I thought you had a 2 tone couch there…one of those 70’s deals….but it DOES looke more like a wine rack….
    The rack is a bit too close to the fireplace…. ROFL 🙂
    I think your name with stockings is pretty clever….
    🙂 Sherri-Ellen (BellaSita Mum) an ***nose rubss*** BellaDharma

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  3. This is so cool! My inner wannabe-psychologist is already thinking that this is the window into your soul, divined through the expression of your early childhood experiences. You’ve also given us a great idea – Sharp gift tags, for the people we love to hate and hate having to buy for! 😆

    Hope you guys had a lovely Christmas. xx

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