“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Board Game Scenario: Dark Willow

So over the past several years I’ve posted various scenarios I created for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer board game, featuring such neglected villains as Angel, Dracula, the Gentlemen, Ethan Rayne, and Glorificus (that last scenario having been created by Jeff Dee, with small modifications by myself). But now, like the show itself, we must come to the end of our run of Buffy episodes. Never having written a scenario for the final Big Bad, the First Evil, I’m wrapping things up one season before the show did, with Dark Willow, the Final Boss of Season Six. And what a bad boss she was.

Dark Willow Scenario in PDF Format

Dark Willow

A 6th Season Scenario for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game from Hasbro

After Tara is killed by the Troika of Evil, Willow turns to dark magic to exact her revenge.After killing Warren, she goes after Jonathan and Andrew.

Evil Set-up:

Dark Willow has 2 fight dice and 5 magic dice.She starts with 12 life points and becomes wounded at 4 life points. Dark Willow starts with no minions.

Dark Willow can carry four Evil cards, four Research cards, one Weapon card, and two Artifact cards.

Special Artifact:

Use any story artifact to represent the Troika of Evil. A Good character carrying the Troika gains +1 to his or her magic dice.

Use another story artifact to represent Rack. If Dark Willow obtains Rack, she gains +1 to her fight dice and +3 to her magic dice. A minion carrying Rack merely gains +1 to his or her magic dice. A good character who carries Rack gains +3 to his or her magic dice, but each time he or she chooses to roll one or more extra magic dice, he or she must also roll one movement die for each extra magic symbol that appears. If at least one Moon comes up, that character falls under Rack’s influence at the end of the current turn and becomes one of Dark Willow’s minions until the next time he or she rolls a Moon on the movement dice. (That character remains a minion until the end of the current turn.) Characters who become minions in this way retain all their cards.

Evil Objective:

Willow must locate the Troika of Evil artifact and bring it to the Hellmouth. Roll at least one magic symbol on the villain’s magic dice to destroy the Troika.

Good Set-up:

Substitute Dawn for Willow. Dawn has 1 fight die and 2 magic dice. She is otherwise identical to Willow.

Substitute Anya for Oz. Anya has 2 fight dice and 2 magic dice. Anya starts with 8 life points. Anya has the ability to teleport to any location on the board by rolling at least one magic symbol on her magic dice. Teleporting ends Anya’s movement. Anya may cross the Hellmouth. Anya can carry two Research cards, one Help card, and one Weapon card.

Good Objective:

Protect the Troika. Destroy Dark Willow, or use the Restore Soul card to revert her to Good Willow; or destroy Rack, draining Dark Willow’s black magic.


The Tara help card cannot be used in this scenario; if drawn, discard it and draw another card.

Dark Willow draws two Evil cards on each black square; if a new moon, she draws three. Her minions, if any, draw as normal.

The Living Flame cannot be used to destroy the Troika.

Dark Willow can draw and use Research cards. She draws two research cards at a time. Because of her perversion of good magic, she may use Healing cards to deal damage instead. For each magic die she rolls, the Healing card inflicts 2 points of damage. She may also use Healing cards to heal her minions (if she has any).

Dark Willow can draw and use Weapon cards.

When you roll three small flames, you may also move Dark Willow, unless she has three minions on the board.

Dark Willow rolls three movement dice.

Dark Willow has the ability to generate a protective shell around herself by rolling her magic dice. If she rolls at least one magic symbol, no good characters may enter a square adjacent to Dark Willow. (If they are already in an adjacent square, move them to the nearest unoccupied non-adjacent square.) This barrier lasts until Dark Willow moves, or until a character “attacks” it with his or her magic dice and rolls at least as many magic symbols as Dark Willow rolled when creating it. If Dark Willow is inside a building when she casts a protective shell, all doors into the building are considered blocked by the shell until Dark Willow leaves the building or the shell is attacked as described above; however, in such a case, Dark Willow herself is not specifically protected, and any characters inside the building may remain there and approach Dark Willow as normal. Attacking a shell around a building only opens that particular doorway. Dark Willow can move freely in the building and connected buildings while the shield is in place. Dark Willow can only have one protective shell operative at a time.Casting a protective shell ends Dark Willow’s movement. 

The Spell of Oblivion may be used to destroy any protective shell.

Dark Willow can steal Artifact and Research cards by getting adjacent to another character. Each character then rolls his or her magic dice. If Dark Willow rolls more magic dice than the other player, she may steal one Artifact or Research card.She cannot do this if she is already carrying her maximum of either card. If Dark Willow loses the roll, she does not surrender a card. Attempting to steal a card ends Dark Willow’s movement.

And that’s my last scenario. If I were still playing the game or writing scenarios, I probably would have done one for some other standout episodes, such as “Once More With Feeling“, and other interesting villains, such as the above-mentioned Troika of Evil (or Trio, as I guess they’re now being called), the First Evil, and Olaf the Troll.

Well, okay, maybe not Olaf the Troll …

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