California Steamin’

Well I guess I’ve been too busy watching the wildfires burning to the north, south, and east to post anything lately, which probably means I’m not a real blogger. (I’m a Web 1.0 type of person … so sue me.) Today is of course Day 4 of the fires and so far my town (Oceanside) remains unscathed, unless you count the smoky air and layer of ash that coats everything.

The smoke from all the fires shows up quite nicely on Doppler radar, as you can see in the enhanced image below from The Weather Channel. See the little tiny triangle of green in the northwestern corner of San Diego County? That’s where we are.


Speaking of the air, this morning it seems pretty bad. Things had improved yesterday evening and we were hoping for that trend to continue, but it seems the Camp Pendleton fires have worsened and are fouling things up to the north near the border checkpoint at San Clemente. (I’ve never been sure how something that’s like 60 miles deep into California can be a “border checkpoint”, but whatever gets you through the night, ICE) Route 5 is now closed through Camp Pendleton, which means there’s no getting out of San Diego that way anymore. The other freeways seem to be open again, though, so we have an escape route if necessary. Yesterday, the voluntary evacuations approached to within 7 miles of us to the northeast and 3 miles to the south. The voluntary evacuation to the south is lifted, but the one to the northeast is now within 3 miles. The car is packed and ready to go. It shouldn’t come to that, though.

In case anyone is worried about the rescue vizslas, they are all okay. Of the three that are in San Diego County, as far as we know only one has had to evacuate with his foster family (“Eli”, up in Ramona). The other two have been able to stay in their new homes. It was feared that “Jack” had jumped the fence around his yard and escaped, but he was later found hiding on the property so he is safely back in his foster home. “Dennis” and “Pumpkin” are both doing fine, although vet appointments have been delayed, for obvious reasons.

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