Teaser Tuesday 9/23/2014: The Sable City

So this week I’m still reading The Sable City by M. Edward McNally. No katanas or blunderbusses have yet made an appearance, although the characters did just escape a run-in with a few stirges. What is a “stirge“, you ask? Let’s consult the D&D Monster Manual!

Mind the skeeters.

“When stirges come down from the mountains, they hunt in a narrow corridor back to their main nest. They won’t find us out here.”

The stirges (two of them) turned out to be remarkably problematic for Our Heroes, which doesn’t bode well for when they encounter something with a few more hit dice. Time to get a few more levels, people. Next up: Marauding kobolds!

Tucker’s Kobolds would like a word with you. And all your equipment and treasure. And your horses and pack animals, because they’re hungry. What else you got?

Speaking of gamers, how are things going in Mercy and Bernard’s little corner of the multiverse?

Another length of chain was attached to a ring in the middle of the vertical run; this was what Lortax held as if it were a leash, and his prisoner a dog. So much iron. Did they think Faundren could snap metal simply by flexing his mighty biceps?

Not so well. But at least there aren’t any stirges.

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