Teaser Tuesday 8/11/15: “The Golden Spiders”

So this week I’m reading — or rather, re-reading — The Golden Spiders, another entry in the Nero Wolfe series, by Rex Stout.  The spiders in question are not Spiders from Mars, but rather, an unusual pair of earrings worn by a woman in a car who asks a squeegee urchin to call the police.  Hilarity (and, of course, murder) ensues.

The spiders are coming hurrah, hurrah …

Of course, not everyone finds murder hilarious.

Maddox didn’t look any sourer, because he couldn’t. “Do you know law, Mr. Wolfe?”

Wolfe doesn’t need to know law, Maddox. He has Nathaniel Parker* for that.

Speaking of feeling sour, remember last week in the Television Man teaser, when somebody named Chuck was hoping to land on somebody named Kyle’s head after he fell off a cliff? Let’s look and see how Kyle is doing this week …

Kyle awakened slowly from blackness into a gauzy fog of pain. He lay still for a little while, trying to remember where he was and what had happened to him, then trying to forget it once he did.

What happened to Kyle? Did Chuck actually land on him? Only time will tell! (Well, actually, I already know the answer, so time doesn’t really have anything to do with it, except insofar as how much of it passes before I finish shepherding the book through the publishing process …)

*Or, in this book, “Henry” Parker, for some reason.

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