Teaser Tuesday 9/8/15: (Still) “The Dragonriders of Pern”

So this week I’m (shocker!) still reading the 800-odd-page long Dragonriders of Pern trilogy — I think I’m somewhere near the beginning of the second book, which begins about seven years after the end of the first one. Thread is still falling, dragons are still (mostly) burning it, and somebody has nice hair.

“Fix that hem, Rannelly, and don’t be all week about it. I must look my best when I go home,” Kylara said, turning her upper torso this way and that, studying the fall of her thick, wavy blonde hair. “Only good thing about this horrible, horrible place. The sun does keep my hair bright.”

Hmm. Sounds like California. Although I make sure the sun doesn’t keep my hair bright, on account of I always wear a gigantic hat. (Besides, my hair is brown.)

As long as I’m still reading Dragonriders, I figured I would keep up with the quotes from my own dragon book rather than the book I’m currently working on, Television Man; and seeing as I’m not actually reading Dragon Stones at the moment, I asked random.org to pick the passage. Here’s what it chose. I couldn’t be bothered to randomize it all the way down to a couple of sentences, so you get the entire paragraph!

Then the cove vanished from his sight as they turned to the north. The sea receded beneath his dangling feet, waves becoming foamy streaks, then disappearing into a rippled sheet of grey-green water. He found himself clutching at the warm, pebbly scales of the dragon’s fingers, fear of falling leading the rodent to grip the raptor. The wind pilfered the warmth from his body though his still-damp clothing; soon he was shivering with the chill. He drew up his legs, trying to make himself smaller, to increase contact with the dragon’s body.

Speaking of dragons’ bodies, I found an interesting chart of Pern dragon sizes at this site:


I would say my dragon is around the size of the bronze or the smaller gold dragon in that picture, at least, when she’s not disguised as a human.  And that little white dragon?  That must be Beetlebaum …


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