Pitch Perfect?

So this week I started reviewing my last completed but unpublished manuscript, Father’s Books.  This one is essentially a ghost story, set, like Crows and Long Before Dawn, in a thinly veiled version of the Mohawk Valley region of New York.  But more on that in a week or two, because this week, I heard from Underground Book Reviews that Shards is a Pitch Perfect Pick finalist for this week.  Pretty cool!


Can we get a little song from the Barden Bellas of “Pitch Perfect” fame?

Ahem.  Thank you, ladies.  Especially Anna Kendrick.

Anyway, if Shards becomes the Pitch Perfect Pick, it’ll become eligible for UBR’s 2017 Novel of the Year award.  The pick is determined by Facebook likes and votes on UBR’s site for the week (that’s why I’m posting today instead my usual Tuesday), and although I don’t expect it to win, it’s nice just to be nominated for something.  Previously, the closest any of my books has come to an award was A Flock of Crows is Called a Murder, which was recommended for an HWA Stoker award way back in 1999/2000.  (A Stoker recommendation is not a nomination; it’s basically somebody, in this case a reviewer, putting the book on the list to be considered for a nomination.)  So thanks for the nomination, UBR, and congratulations to the eventual winner, whoever it may be!

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