Teaser Tuesday 1/9/2018: “The Way of Kings”

AThis week (and next week, and probably the week after―it’s over a thousand freaking pages long!), I’m reading The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson.


They went thataway.


As the first book in a planned ten-book series, this one is, presumably, putting all the pieces in place for the rest of the books. Does that mean the others will be shorter or longer? Well, the second one is about 80 pages longer than this one, and the third one is about 200 pages longer than this one. So, yeah, I’d guess we’ll be seeing at least 12,000 pages of Stormlight Archives by the time this is finished. Hey, GRRM, how’s your puny little series of seven thousand-page books coming along?

“What of you, young Prince Renarin? Your father wishes me to leave you alone. Can you speak, yet say nothing ridiculous?”

Eyes turned toward Renarin, who stood just behind his brother. Renarin hesitated, eyes opening wide at the attention. Dalinar grew tense.

“Nothing ridiculous,” Renarin said slowly.

Well, you did tell him to say that …

The person speaking to Prince Renarin is a King’s Wit, which is kind of this world’s version of a Fool, except instead of being foolish, they’re witty. See how that works? You get what you ask for.

Speaking of getting what you ask for, the current round of editing continues on Father’s Books:

Richard looked at the doctor. “I have a headache.  You got anything for that?”

“This is a hospital. I’m sure I can scrounge something up.” She pivoted on her heel and exited the room like she was leaving a stage. Richard watched her go. So did Tony.

After the door closed behind her, Tony leaned in close and said, “I’m going to marry that woman.”

Well, if you need an aspirin, a hospital probably has one. Of course it’ll be $125 per pill, but, you know, it’s hospital aspirin. That kind is better.

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