A Six-Month Semi-Versary

So this week (Thursday, specifically) marks six months since The Event, when an undetected 3mm aneurysm at the base of my brain ruptured on November 7, 2019, causing a serious subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH) and putting me in the hospital for about two weeks, most of that time in ICU. After being released, I spent the next couple of months recovering at home and returned to work on January 2, 2020. Also in January, my wife and I started going to our local dance studio again, and I resumed exercising and most of my other normal activities, at least until California shut down due to the coronavirus about six weeks ago.

My aneurysm was coiled after it ruptured, and I have to go back on a semi-regular basis for an MRA so they make sure the coil is staying where it’s supposed to and nothing untoward is going on in there. My first such follow-up procedure is in early June. Petty much all routine and non-essential medical appointments have been canceled or postponed since March, but this appointment doesn’t fall into those categories, so it’s still on; my mask and I will be heading out to get scanned on June 4th. Originally my wife had planned to accompany me for the procedure but in light of the circulating virus, she’ll be staying home. That frees a seat up for you, Substitute Charlee.


Wait, you forgot your PPE!

Substitute Charlee is prepared.

Much better.

4 thoughts on “A Six-Month Semi-Versary

  1. We hope and pray it will go well, and that that coil will be perfectly situated still.

    I myself had an appt cancelled with my oncologist, since after 12 years I wasn’t deemed urgent anymore, though I still go annually for screenings and a checkup…you don’t want to mess with cancer esp since it was almost a stage 4…but here I am, alive and well, and so are you!
    W\A wonderful blessed new lease for both of us!


  2. Oh James you are one of the BRAVEST people I know! And also one of the funniest!! I can just see you & Substitute Charlee ‘avec’ mask going for your test….Priceless!
    On a serious note I am so relieved you are healed & ‘all better’. We ALL want you around for a logn time!!!
    {{hugs}} Sherri-Ellen & **purrss** BellaDharma


  3. I’m not sure a ‘Happy Anniversary’ is really appropriate here, but maybe it is. So I’ll whisper it – happy anniversary – and say how glad I am you’re still fighting through! Great to see Sub Charlee is so prepared. He doesn’t even need goggles with that hat 😂 xx

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