Cross-Post: The Liebster Award

As I’m sure most readers are aware, I also run The Oceanside Animals blog (formerly Dennis’s Diary of Destruction). Proving the truth of the admonition never to work with children or animals, because they will steal all the scenes in which they appear, their blog has always been much more popular than this one, but every once in awhile, they share their fame with me. This week, I got to tag along with them on their Sunday Awards and Meme Show, when they were given the Liebster Award and I got tagged for it as well. Naturally most of the space in the post is devoted to Charlee, Chaplin, and Lulu, but I got to answer a few questions too. The show is reproduced here in its entirety with the kind permission of their agent.


Lulu: “What’s this piece of furniture doing out here? It’s usually out in the garage.”
Charlee: “This is where the hosts sit for The Sunday Awards and Meme Show.”
Chaplin: “There’s an award this week, so we had Spicoli drag it out of the garage and put it here.”

Lulu: “Can someone explain to me how a Sunday Meme and Award Show works?”
Charlee: “Well, first, it takes place on a Sunday.”
Chaplin: “And second, you need to have a meme or an award to show.”
Lulu: “Uh-huh. Sounds pretty straightforward so far.”
Charlee: “In this case, all three of us plus our Dada were nominated this week for the Liebster Award by our friends Amy, Xena, and Lucy!”

Chaplin: “Dennis had previously received the Liebster award multiple times—”
Charlee: “He was an award-receiving machine!”
Chaplin: “—but this Liebster Award looks different from his so it’s ours, all ours.”
Lulu: “And mine and Dada’s, right?”
Chaplin: “Sure sure. Whatever.”
Charlee: “It’s shaped like a ball, so it would be fun to bat around if we could like 3D print it or something.”
Chaplin: “I’m sure Dada will get right on that.”


Lulu: “I see. So Spicoli is hosting the show,then?”
Chaplin: “No, he just climbed up there and passed out after he finished moving the furniture for us.”
Charlee: “Apparently it was a little heavy.”

Charlee: “Now, awards usually come with rules, and this one is no exception.”
Chaplin: “The rules often involve answering questions. These are the questions that our friends asked us to answer.”

1 Why do you blog?
2 Blue jeans or formal wear? Cake or a health bar? Why?
3 If you could have one (more) animal live with you, what would it be and why?
4 What do you feel are your greatest talents?
5 If you could be any age, what would it be and why?
6 If there was one thing you could go back and do differently, what would it be?

Lulu: “Ooh, there’s a quiz? I should be good at quizzes. Mama says I am very smart.”
Charlee: “It’s not really a quiz, per se, because there are no wrong answers. Except for the ones Chaplin gives.”
Chaplin: “Ha ha very funny.”


Producer Smurf: “All right, all right, it’s time to smurf this show on the road! Hey, why is that stage-hand sleeping on the set? Do I need to smurf security to smurf him out of there?”
Charlee: “No no, it’s fine, we’ll just work around him.”

1 Why do you blog?

Chaplin: “We blog to carry on the tradition of adventures like Dennis used to have.”
Charlee: “Although nobody has adventures like Dennis used to have.”
Chaplin: “Probably it was because of his hat.”
Charlee: “Hey, didn’t you and I used to wear hats?”
Chaplin: “We did, but that was mostly to help people tell us apart.”
Lulu: “People have trouble telling you apart? But you don’t smell anything alike.”
Charlee: “Yes, well, people don’t have as good a sense of smell as you do, Lulu.”
Chaplin: “And also it’s a little hard to smell us through the computer screen.”

Dada: “I mostly blog because I like to tell stories, and I use pictures and cutouts of the animals because I can’t draw.”

2 Blue jeans or formal wear? Cake or a health bar? Why?

Part One:

Charlee: “Is a collar blue jeans or is it formal wear?”
Chaplin: “Must be formal wear. Blue jeans don’t have a collar.”
Lulu: “I wear a collar too, but you won’t see it under my fur.”

Dada: “If it’s a work day, blue jeans and a long or short-sleeve button-down shirt. If it’s the weekend, blue jeans or shorts and sandals and a pullover or polo shirt, depending on how warm it is. This being Southern California, the shorts and sandals get worn a lot.”

Part Two:

Lulu: “Hmm tough question. I’ve never had either one, so I’m not sure.”
Charlee: “Whichever one has meat in it.”
Lulu: “I’d like to change my answer to Charlee’s answer.”
Chaplin: “Cake and the health bar and probably the wrapper the health bar came in.”

Dada: “Cake, because frosting. Unless it’s 15 years ago and I’m out on my mountain bike, in which case, health bar, because cake would get squashed in my pocket.”


Producer Smurf: “You two look ridiculous smurfed up on top of Spicoli like that. Smurf down from there.”
Spicoli: “They’re just fine where they are, dude.” (sotto voce) “Hey if you guys could do that kitty kneading thing on my back that would be awesome.”
Lulu: “Say, isn’t this settee right where one of your litter pans usually is? What did you do with that?”

3 If you could have one (more) animal live with you, what would it be and why?

Lulu: “I would like another dog so I have somebody to play with properly. Dada is pretty good at playing, but he’s not really a dog.”
Chaplin: “I think one dog is quite enough.”
Lulu: “What, you would rather have more cats?”
Chaplin: “I think two cats is quite enough.”
Lulu: “Well then what other animal would you want living with us?”
Charlee & Chaplin: “BIRDS!!!”

Dada: *Gestures at Lulu and the Hipster Kitties*

4 What do you feel are your greatest talents?

Lulu: “Digging. Also, smelling.”
Chaplin: “You’ve got that right, Lulu! Ha ha ha ha ha!”
Charlee: “Chaplin’s greatest talent is being aggravating. Mine is being adorable.”

Dada: “Well, I think I’m not bad at writing, and I dance fairly well …”

5 If you could be any age, what would it be and why?

Lulu: “Age? What is age?”
Charlee: “I think I’m a good age now. I would like for Chaplin to be a kitten again.”
Chaplin: “Why?”
Charlee: “Because you were the perfect brother up until you turned into an annoying teenager.”

Dada: “Hmm … Well, 26 was a pretty nice age. Old enough to know better, young enough to still have good hair. Also, I’m pretty sure my joints didn’t pop so much back then.”

6 If there was one thing you could go back and do differently, what would it be?

Lulu: “I’d get adopted by Mama and Dada sooner!”
Charlee: “I can’t really think of anything. Life has been pretty good!”
Chaplin: “I would go back and find a way to sabotage the vacuum cleaner.”

Dada: “I would go back and get a more confident artist for the comic book series I was working on for Eclipse. Oh, and also, maybe find a way to avoid having a cerebral aneurysm rupture …”

Charlee: “And there you have it, our Liebster Award answers!”
Chaplin: “Now, there are a few more rules for the Liebster award, involving nominating other bloggers for it and asking them to answer questions.”
Charlee: “However, we know that not everyone runs an Awards and Meme Show on Sundays—”
Chaplin: “Yes, some of them do it on Monday, some on Tuesday, some on Wednesday—”
Charlee: “—and so instead of nominating any specific bloggers—”
Chaplin: “—some on Thursday, some on Friday—”
Charlee: “—we would instead like to invite anyone who wants to participate—”
Chaplin: “—some on Saturday, some on Blobsday, some on Nonesday—”
Charlee: “—to take the Liebster Award and answer any of the questions we answered or any of the questions our friends Amy, Xena, and Lucy answered, or even make up your own answers to questions you would like to tell us.”
Lulu: “You cats aren’t very good at following rules.”
Chaplin: “—some on Neversday, some on Mugsday, some on—”
Lulu: “You know none of those ones after Saturday is an actual day, right?”
Chaplin: “Ehh, who can tell anymore?”

Meanwhile, out in the garage …


Mouse: “What are you doing in there? I thought we were done with you pretending to be a cat.”
Vermin: “HISSS! Nasty mouse! I’m not pretending! I’m cosplaying Josie and the Pussycats! Completely different!”


3 thoughts on “Cross-Post: The Liebster Award

  1. Congratulations on the well-deserved nominations! For some reason this bit really got me – “Cake and the health bar and probably the wrapper the health bar came in.” 😂😂😂 Why do cats & dogs love the wrappers from stuff so much?!? xx


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