I Love Google

I periodically Google myself, just to see if there are any new reviews or listings for my stuff.  (No new reviews since I found that one for Night Watchman back in February.  Oh well.)  However, I did find this particular search result interesting:

Who are the best living horror writers? – Yahoo! Answers

James Viscosi * Tim Waggoner * Karl Edward Wagner, (1945-1994) * H. Russell Wakefield, (1888-1964) * Robert Weinberg, (born 1947)
answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080307233734AALw1Vt&show=7 – 61k – CachedSimilar pages

Granted, the person answering the question appears to have just pasted in the list of horror writers from Wikipedia, and he didn’t even bother to weed out the dead ones, but still … look … Google says I’m one of the best living horror writers!  Are you going to argue with Google?!

Google … all is forgiven for that whole “forbidden” incident.

10 thoughts on “I Love Google

  1. Awesome! It is so cool that you have written so much and are successful enough at it to appear on Yahoo and Google. Overall I’d rather remain completely off the radar. Even if I ever publish, I’d like people to be able to find my book and maybe even a website, but I like my privacy.


  2. Hi James,
    I didn’t realise you were a writer, just thought you were Dennis’ Dada
    I suddenly feel like I know someone famous, Wow!!!

    Jim says: Thanks Tony! I’m hardly famous, but I’m working on it … 😉


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