Teaser Tuesday 8/26/14: We’re Still On “Hallowed Ground”

So this week I’m about halfway through Hallowed Ground, and at this point authors Steven Savile and David Niall Wilson have sufficiently muddied the waters that I’m not entirely sure who the bad guys are.  Is it The Deacon and his band of revival/freak show misfits?  Is it the mysterious traveling snake oil purveyor Balthazar?  Is it both?  Hmm, I bet it’s both.  Oh, and there seem to be people around who can turn into crows.

He dreamed of men that were not men at all, but huge hulking crows.  Against the backdrop of a silver moon, he dreamed of a great owl who was a woman.  And as he slept, the feather rested against his chest, while the locket cooled his fevered skin.

Hmm, sounds like Rock Ridge Rookwood may be heading for a run-in with the same entity that was going around Selden Falls turning people into crows, and we all know how that turned out …

After his initial shock, Simon realized that, for some reason, the corpse was still wearing sunglasses.  He glanced at the morgue guy and said:  “I don’t think he needs his shades anymore.”

“They’re sort of stuck,” the attendant said.

Corpse to Corey Hart:  “You wear your sunglasses at night?  That’s cute.  I wear mine when I’m dead.”

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