Teaser Tuesday 11/4/2014: “Lore of The Witch World”

So this week, having ditched two other free books — one just for being poorly written, another for having a Too Dumb To Live protagonist (seriously, after the second or third time you ignore explicit instructions to stay on the path and not to talk to the monsters, you deserve whatever you get) — I’ve picked up Lore of the Witch World, an anthology of stories plus a novelette by Andre Norton.

Despite her fur-lined boots and gloves, Babette still felt cold. She couldn’t quite figure out why.

I somehow managed not to read any Andre Norton before now, despite the fact that she was one of the few winners of the “Gandalf Grand Master Award“. How cool would it be to put that on your business card? I’m not quite sure yet what I think of the style of the stories, which so far is of an older (let’s say “classic”) vintage and, to my ear, a bit stilted. For example:

“Think you we want a blood feud with all this clan? The Sulcarmen take not lightly to those who let the red life out of some one of their stock.”

Speaks like Yoda, he does! Mmmm. But quit reading this book too, am I? Of course not! Written by Andre Norton, it was! A Gandalf Grand Master, she was! Mmm!

On the subject of people who will never be Gandalf Grand Masters, only 352 pages of edits remain, give or take, in the The War of the Ravels. (This is less than it sounds. I think I’ve made five editing passes, including the original rewrite, so that’s over 2,000 pages of editing!) Once this last run-through is finished it will be time to get the manuscript formatted for e-publication. Then, on to (finally) creating the print editions! This of course means I’ve started to look for cover art, once again from Emilie Leger, who provided the art for Shards. Hmm, maybe this one …


But of course first I need to actually finish the editing!

Thrusting his hand into his opposite armpit — which, being sodden and leather-clad itself, did nothing to warm him — he gave the skeleton a baleful glare, then backed off with a start as the femur slid across the floor and returned to its original position.

You know how it is with dem bones. Thigh bone connected to the hip bone! And then, dem bones, dem bones gonna walk around …

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