“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” Board Game Scenario: “Hush”

So a while back I had posted an “Angelus” scenario for the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” board game. A fellow “Buffy” board game player commented that the scenario captured the spirit of the game better than any other “Angelus” scenario she had read (apparently there are a lot of “Angelus” scenarios out there), so I said that I would post the few other scenarios I had created, back over a decade ago, when I apparently had time to do things like that. Previously I posted a “Halloween” scenario, based on an episode that was mostly notable because it introduced recurring villain Ethan Rayne and also had this guy Oz start to notice this girl named Willow, who seemed to always be involved in shenanigans. Here’s another one, for the episode “Hush“, which is widely considered one of the best episode of “Buffy”, or, indeed, of, well, any show, ever. Because if you’re going to tackle converting an episode into a game scenario, you might as well aim high. No, higher than that. No, keep going …

This is the world’s smallest violin, playing just for the people whose hearts we’re going to steal.


A 4th Season Scenario for the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Board Game from Hasbro

“Can’t even shout, can’t even cry / the Gentlemen are coming by / looking in windows, knocking on doors / they need to take seven and they might take yours / can’t call to mum, can’t say a word / you’re gonna die screaming but you won’t be heard.”

Evil Set-up:

The Gentlemen start on the Judge’s start point in the Factory. They have 1 Fight die and 3 Majik dice. They have twelve life points and become wounded at eight, but they are highly resistant to conventional weapons. When fighting, only Stake results cause damage, at one point per Stake. (It is not necessary to have a stake for the Stake results to count as damage.) Items that add damage, such as the Sword or the Rocket Launcher, have no effect on the Gentlemen. (Spells harm them normally.)

The Gentlemen start with three Goons. Start them on the Spike, Drusilla, and Darla start points. Goons have 2 Fight dice and 0 Majik dice; they have 8 life points and become wounded at 3. They roll three movement dice instead of two.

Special Artifact:

Use any special artifact as the Story Artifact.

Evil Objective:

Take seven hearts, or kill all the Good characters (which allows them to collect their hearts unmolested). Each time the sunrise moon phase passes (i.e., the moon phase changes from sunrise to the next phase), the Gentlemen collect two hearts. If the Gentlemen or the Goons kill a Good character, they collect an additional heart.

Good Set-up:

Substitute Riley for Oz. Riley has 2 fight dice and one magic die. He has 8 life points, and becomes wounded when reduced to 5 life points. When moving, Riley rolls an extra movement die. When attacking, Riley can choose to spend one life point to roll one additional attack die. Riley can carry the same number and types of cards as Buffy. Riley starts in the Lowell House elevator, with a weapon card.

Whenever Riley is wounded, he may return to the Adam Start square in the Initiative for treatment. For every turn that Riley remains on this square without moving or fighting, he regains one life point, up to his maximum. (Riley can use Help or Research cards while recuperating.)

Good Objective:

Find the Special Artifact and destroy it, or destroy the Gentlemen. As the Special Artifact is fragile, it can be destroyed by any character who is carrying the Sword, Pick Axe, Rocket Launcher, or Sledgehammer weapon.


Because of the spell cast by the Gentlemen, no one is able to speak; therefore, all characters other than the Gentlemen roll one fewer Majik die.

Whenever the Gentlemen summon a minion, they get another Goon.

The Riley help card cannot be used in this scenario; if drawn, discard it and draw another.

Yes, stake weapons are useless in this scenario, but leave them in the stack.


I know, I know, Riley is in this scenario and everyone hates Riley. Maybe I should have included Tara instead.

You can download a PDF of this scenario from here.

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